Challenges: our customers face different  issues during the production process of oil well.

EmulsionsAsphaltenes Precipitation
Barium SulfateCalcium Sulfate
Wax DepositsIron Based Scales

Solutions: Our customers need a partner that guarantees the best performing chemicals available in the market. By leveraging such highly effective fluids, clients can rest assured knowing they‘ve made the right choice that supports their ultimate goal — well production and optimization. 

Unlike many providers in the industry, our success is not dependent on individual products or manufacturers. We develop chemicals by conducting extensive R&D of all available products on the market, completing tests with third-party labs and developing custom-blended solutions based on the results. This process guarantees that only chemicals that have succeeded in ‘blind’, unbiased tests are recommended to solve customers’ specific challenges. Power Petroleum has 100+ proven chemicals that enable clients to rely on one supplier for their complete chemical needs — and we are always expanding our product list. Our custom-blended solutions treat paraffin, scale, corrosion and all other chemically-treatable situations that our customers face. While Power Petroleum’s chemical portfolio may change more often than the competition as R&D results in new best performers, our clients always receive the optimal chemical.

Should you be interested in our products to solve your problem, please don't hesitate to contact us or talk to a our local representative for more information.

Drilling and Completion

Production and Stimulation




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