Coiled tubing is a continuous length of steel pipe, spooled onto a large diameter reel. The pipe comes in a variety of sizes and can be run into any well. Coiled tubing is commonly used to convey tools, and circulate liquids and gases into and out of the wellbore without relieving the wellbore pressure.  

Advantage of CT for Drilling, Completion and Workover

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Power Petroleum Provids expert coiled tubing services, we have the reel and injector capacity to run to the bottom of wells that are more than 6,000 m (20,000 ft) deep. Each job is subject to technical analysis by our in-house engineers, including force analysis and hydraulic modeling. With the option to transmit data in real-time, our customers can monitor the well response to treatment and make changes on-the-fly to optimize performance.

Drilling and Completion

Production and Stimulation




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