Acidizing and production enhancement operations increase or restore production in all types of wells. There are many different types of acid and solvent blends that can be used on a well, and treatments can be categorized by injection rate and pumping pressure. Treatments that are applied below fracture pressure are called matrix acidizing, while those carried out above formation pressure are called fracture acidizing. 

When it comes to improving or restoring production / injection in a well, the best solutions come from a thorough investigation of the problem. Beginning with your formation, wellbore data and available wellbore samples, we gather information and study the issue from all angles. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our expert team designs a fit-for-purpose solution to address the problem and maximize resource recovery. 

Controlling water injection profiles not only leads to better production, but also saves money. To do this, each job requires a thorough investigation and a fit-for-purpose solution. We provide specially-designed viscous gels near the wellbore or farther into the formation to ensure the right water injection profile for the best results.

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