Features and advantage of Power Petroleum ESP Series Products

  1. Large displacement and operation depth

  2. Radial flow and mixed flow structures

  3. Categorized as standard, abrasive resistant (AR), anti-corrosion 

  4. Intake, gas separator and high efficiency gas handler available for high GOR

  5. Wide temperature range suitable for different well conditions

  6. Excellent quality with operational cost-effective

     Electric Submersible Pump                             Hydraulic Jet Pump                             Progressive Cavity Pump


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Features and advantage of Power Petroleum PCP Series Products

  1. Large pump displacement capability

  2. Maximum lifting capacity up to 2200m

  3. Aromatic compound , solids, H2S, CO2  endurance

  4. Efficient operation under low well pressure 

  5. Suitable for high viscous, sandy, high GOR

  6. Insert-type PCP available for easy operation

  7. Even-thickness wall PCP for better deformation-resistance

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Drilling and Completion

Production and Stimulation




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